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The Language Tree is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, multi-language immersion preschool, offering both French and Spanish. Our Preschool provides a warm, safe and academically-challenging learning environment where children ages 2-6 can discover the magic of a second language and develop their love of learning. We develop the whole child by focusing on each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. The school works by utilizing half-day language classes and then moving the children into enrichment class during the other half of the day. Upon graduation from our program, our students can continue their language journey with our weekly after school Graduate Class until age 10.

Using low ratios and native-speaking lead teachers, language is central to the learning process, and students develop their vocabulary through experiences with real-life objects and people. Both teachers and students speak French or Spanish throughout the day, resulting in students who speak with accuracy and fluency. Language learning is taught specifically as part of academic lessons and through storytelling, visual aids, repetition, singing, and playtime. Young children’s minds are like sponges absorbing language. Inside of a few days’ time, they understand and react to French or Spanish terms. Inside of a few weeks, they are comfortable speaking and repeating. From this point on, given continued exposure, their language abilities grow exponentially.

What is Language Immersion?

In a language immersion program, all activities are conducted in a second language including lessons, games, reading, songs, art, transitions, and meal times. Children are encouraged to use French or Spanish vocabulary in all of their activities throughout the day and the teachers help them find the right words and sentences to communicate their needs. At The Language Tree, English is used to initially introduce the second language and is quickly used less and less as the children gain understanding. You will be amazed at how quickly your young child can understand and speak a second language through our language immersion program.

Why choose Language Immersion?

Sparks Intellectual Growth.

Early childhood is when the brain is most flexible. Learning a foreign language at a young age helps build stronger neural connections between right and left sides of the brain which results in better memory. Bilingual children excel at problem-solving, planning, critical thinking, and concentration.

Improves Listening Skills

The mental stretch students receive in an immersion classroom helps develop their executive function (cognitive control), allowing them to have better focus, juggle multiple tasks, and adapt to changing conditions. Bilingual children are able to listen with greater clarity which enables them to learn better and makes it easier to understand questions and answers

Enhances mathematical problem-solving skills.

Research shows that the flexibility bilingual students show in switching between languages increases their creativity and problem-solving skills which, in turn, enhances their math skills. Because they are more creative and more flexible thinkers, when presented with a problem, they are able to look for more than one solution.

Increases understanding of first language.

Students who learn in an immersion environment will significantly improve the grammar, speaking and reading skills of their first language. They also have an enhanced vocabulary and will be able to speak easily in the language they choose.

Builds Confidence.

Children are always discovering new things, and for children learning a second language it comes to them more naturally and tends to be fun as they learn through play. These accomplishments increase their confidence.

Greater Understanding of Other Cultures

Learning a second language at an early age helps young learners develop better social skills and a better understanding of other cultures and values. It helps children accept the differences between different cultures as something positive and normal.

Quick Facts
  • The Language Tree operates on a 10 month school year, August thru May.
  • The Language Tree offers a 10-week summer camp, June through August.
  • Our preschool and pre k/k classes meet 5 days a week to facilitate language acquisition.
  • Our Early Years Classes run at a 1 to 4 ratio.
  • The Language Class is conducted in the program language, French or Spanish.
  • For parents requiring a full-day preschool, our Enrichment Class provides your child with a nurturing environment that encourages a love for learning and reinforces the information and themes taught during the language classes, exposing all children to both languages.
  • We offer a Spanish and a French Graduate Class after school one day per week so graduates of our program can continue their language learning and meet up with old friends.
Q: How long will it take my child to start using their new language?
A: Every child will learn and retain the language at a different rate. It will mirror how they learned their native language.
Q: We don’t speak the second language at home, how can we help our child's progress?
A: Introducing things such as books, CDs and/or DVDs in the immersion language will help your child’s learning experience at The Language Tree. Ask your child’s teacher if they have anything you can check out.
Q: Will my child be able to easily proceed in elementary school after attending The Language Tree?
A: Yes, in fact research indicates that children who study a foreign language develop a better understanding and command of their native language. All skills and concepts learned at the Language Tree are transferable and applicable to traditional schooling.
Q: How do I enroll?
A: Enrollment at The Language Tree is focused in the Spring but we will enroll year-round if space permits. You will find more information under the Enrollment Tab.


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